Dj Kid SL

City: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Been djing since: 1993

Accomplishments: 2009 & 2011 Ottawa Red Bull Threestyle Champion, 4 Time Ottawa DMC Dj Battle champion, First title coming at the age of 15 years old. 2006 Canadian Team DMC Dj battle champions ( w/ Stylusts ) and competed at the DMC World Championships in London, England.


SL started doing his thing real early. 11 years old early. After winning his First DMC Dj Championship at the mere age of 15, he caught the attention of promoters and started playing club gigs in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, eventually landing a residency at the acclaimed Atomic nightclub in 1999 and playing shows alongside the then also 15 year old A-Trak. Along the years He ended up  with 4 local DMC titles and 1 National team title which saw him compete at the World Championships in London England with team mates Drastik and Tom Wrecks. 2009 has seen him re-enter the Dj competition scene by taking the Nation’s Capital’s first Red Bull Threestyle battle.

Aside from being a Dj, Kid is an all around creative dude, running his own successful graphic design firm since 2001. He’s also promoted special events, concerts and club nights for the past 12 years and is well known in the dj community.

With all this behind him, Kid SL is an experienced, exciting, versatile, well skilled and knowledgeable dj that’s always ready to rock any type of party.

Booking info: taktikal@gmail.com or 613.299.6737

Instagram: @djkidsl & @sachaleclair

soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djkidsl

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